Founded by Pramod Bharal, PSA Group is a technology driven pharmaceutical company.

It was born out of his vision and established as a firm in the year 1985 to render technical services in the API manufacturing sector.

Under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Bharal, it has evolved into one of the few companies with an identified and robust product pipeline for each market in the world.

As a chemical engineer with immense corporate experience, he identified the opportunities ahead of the curve with a single minded focus on bringing the company at a prestigious position.

With core competence in the field of manufacturing and Exporting Finished Formulation Medicines, PSA Group offers solutions ranging from Cardiovascular, Pain management, Tuberculosis, Antibacterial, Microloids, Dermatology. And many other therapeutics along with Herbal, Ayurvedic and Neutraceutical products. These products are available in all forms namely tablets, capsules, syrups, injectable, ointments, eye Drop, Protein Powder etc.

Today, PSA's products have their significant presence in over 30 countries and a have registered product-base of more than 400 products worldwide.

The group is now an ISO 9001:2008 and World Health Organisation (WHO GMP) certified.

Vision & Mission


Mission: PSA is among the few companies with a single minded focus on the specific market with an identified product pipeline for each market in the world. PSA also is of a view to provide superior compliance benefits, enabling shift from "generics" to "super generics" to "branded".

Mr. Pramod Bharal
Chemical Engineer, Promotor, CMD
Mrs. Swati Bharal Mawandia
MS (USA), Executive Director
Mrs. Prerana Gupta
MBA (Marketing), Executive Director

Why PSA?

  • Believes in commitment and prompt product delivery
  • Adheres to world’s best quality standards
  • One of the manufacturers of finished products with high FDA compliance levels and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • With the ability to scale up and even take small batch sizes
  • Adapts technological innovation
  • Offers medicines at competitive price

As we progress with persistence, our approach will continue to focus on making end user have access to essential medicines at all times.

Research & Innovation


We pledge to develop quality products by consistently bringing an improvement in our product formulations and manufacturing process.

At PSA Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, we believe in innovations driven by the passion for a positive change in the life of our product users and patients. It refers to every step, big or small, taken in the right direction with the intention to improve our products. Innovation for us simply means a source or a thing from which millions of them can benefit. Our endeavour is to invent such products through continuous improvement in product development, with the help of a highly qualified team of skilled professionals consisting of scientists, doctors, pharmacists, immunologist, etc.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Pramod Bharal plays a fundamental role in the development of new generic formulations at competitive rates for an open global market. He has been successful in raising PSA to a new height. He works in sync with highly skilled professionals dedicated towards research and continuous development of products to give formulations a medicinal form. Under his leadership, the research and development sector of PSA has witnessed a rapid growth in the past few years and continues to grow with a focus on three main purposes of our existence.

At PSA, we focus on R&D for the following three main purposes:

- Contract Manufacturing
- Generics development
- Regulatory Submissions

PSA consistently works on developing efficient products, capable of meeting advanced needs of the patients. These efficacious products also live up to updated regulatory benchmarks, certifying that they are absolutely safe for the users. Our process of product development ensures the creation of the formulation based on Quality by Design (QBD) principles. This means we facilitate the development of robust, reproducible and quality products for an aggressive international market. Our comprehensive process with a fresh approach towards research and development defines us as a reliable name in chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry.

Our core areas of development include:

- Allopathic Finished Formulations
- Ayurvedic / Herbal Formulations
- Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals

With a steady growth in our core areas, we now stand tall as a trustworthy brand assisting our product users and patients to live a healthy life!