Relaxon:-Pain relief ointment

09, Mar’16

PSA has forayed into the Herbal Medicinal Product with the launch of Relaxon, a novel, research backed product for Joint and Muscular Pain relief. This launch represents PSA’s transition towards becoming an Innovator company. In majority of cases, our active ingredients are unique and are the only products of its kind globally, while being highly efficacious, safe, and offering superior functionality. 

Relaxon is crafted from natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, and its purified natural active ingredients function as COX-1 & COX-2 & 5-LOX (pain pathways) inhibitors offering superior reduction in pain over currently existing products.

The efficacy aspect of this product could be gauged by our client feedback as we have given it to more than 100 odd people and have received very good results on back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, osteoarthritis etc and now we are also going ahead with clinical trial with 100 patients. we are planning to enter US market and European market.

The Common Technical Document (CTD) dossier is available for this formulation. Relaxon is patent pending under WO/2014/167584 A2