Soraitin:- Capsules for relief of Psoriasis & Dermatitis

09, Mar’16

PSA announces the introduction of Soraitin, our another entry in patent protected and research backed products range. Soraitin is herbal product for management of proliferative skin disorders – specifically targeted towards Psoriasis & Dermatitis. The patented product consists of highly purified and safe phyto-compounds, which are very effective at management of mild to moderate Psoriasis. Soraitin is designed and formulated as a steroid and methotrexate sparing compound and also allows pre-emptive dosing to prevent Psoriasis and Dermatitis flare-ups. The product’s onset of action is fast and is especially suitable for people contraindicated for allopathic Psoriasis remedies, with the patient and doctor able to visualize the results within 2-3 weeks.

The Common Technical Document (CTD) dossier will be made available shortly. This product is filed for patent protection under the patent application number WO 2014/167584 A2